John Lee Hooker and Bonnie Rait – “In the Mood for Love”


Joe Satriani – “Made of Tears” (2006 Super Colossal Tour)

Doesn’t it just warm the cockles of your heart that people go and watch guitarists nowadays, without a singer in sight? Who did that? Joe Satriani and Steve Vai, that’s who. It’s true, as we found out again at the May 20 gig at the Hammersmith Apollo, that it’s mainly a male audience, with the women in attendance mainly being WAGs. You have to start somewhere, and a lot more young women are starting to play guitar themselves and it’ll work through into audiences. We’ll post some stuff about that soon. A surprise at the May 20 gig was that Stu Hamm is back on base for this tour, despite the very public criticism in an interview by Satriani a couple of years back. As usual about a third of the audience booed him from his jazz-rock fusion deviations, but the rest cheered him to the rafters, especially when he turned in a brilliant 12-minute base guitar solo. Anyway, for me, Satriani is still the bollocks. Enjoy.

Insanely Amazing Guitar Solo

This Brazilian kid has earned himself a lot of sarcastic flak from other YouTube users, not least because he seems to be using a scalloped keyboard. To which I say “so what?”. The critics haven’t submitted anything half as clever.

Kenny Burrell – “All Blues”

This of course is one of most famous jazz songs ever from probably the most famous jazz album ever. So you’ve got to be ultra-confident and ultra-capable pull it off. Of course this particular performer has those qualities in buckets.

Grant Green – “Jean de Fleur”

From the 1964 Blue Note album “Idle Moments’, with Duke Pearson on piano,  Joe Henderson on tenor sax and Bobby Hutcherson vibes.

Read about Grant Green here

Paul Butterfield Blues Band/ Mike Bloomfield – “One More Mile”

This is Mike Bloomfield in his pomp (1966-7 or thereabouts). The rhythm guitar is Elvin Bishop.

Eric Clapton – Introduction plus “Crossroads”: Hartford, 1990