Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa – Roll Me Babe!

If you like these sounds and are in the UK click HERE to get the Walter Trout and Joe Bonamassa British tour dates, coming up soon folks. Roy, look for Sheffield. Aren’t they coming to London? Strange.


Eric Johnson – “Manhattan”

This is the version that appears on the first G3 concert album, but a studio version is on the Venus Isle album. You can get both of these through Amazon for next to nothing if you use the ‘Used and New’ option.

The Crusaders with Larry Carlton guitar – Sweet n’ Sour, from the album Free as the Wind (1977)

That’s Joe Sample on the keyboards before the Carlton solo and Wilton Felder on tenor sax.

Roll with Me – Johnny Winter (live)

This is from the 1976 Captured Live album

David Bowie – New Killer Star

…don’t know who the guitarists are though. Any ideas?

Frank Gambale playing “Time Track” with the Chick Corea Band (1987)

If you never really got the idea of “Sweep Picking” have a look at the new Gambale video on the guitar tutorials page.