Fantastic young guitarist burns down Brighton!

Previously we brought you the then-14 year old Chelsea Constable in California playing Satch Boogie – in a manner that did full justice to its composer Joe Satriani. Now, to make the heart of 50-something guitar still learners (and Roy and Ivan I do mean you) sink, here’s a 13-year old who can do Steve Vai and Paul Gilbert-type stuff without blinking an eyelid. Makes you sick! So Calvin Prior, you are hereby added to the guitarpower hall of fame. Awesome!


2 Responses

  1. So he’s a flash kid……so what?…….. so where’s that length of rope………?…………..seriously, good luck to him.Obviously bucket loads of natural talent, but he still has to practice 6 hours a day!

  2. I dont think the kid is being Flash, he can play, and he can play better than guys ive seen that have played for 30 years.
    His technique and feel around the fretboard is bang on the nail. This kid is going to become a superstar

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