Be afraid! – Guthrie Govan plays Bullet Blues

Some guitarists are awesome and some are just plain scary. If you’re learning to play the guitar, ths will scare the life out of you, unless you’re 14 or under, in which case you have about a one in a million chance of getting to play like this – if you practice  28 hours a day. Over 14, then just forget it!

3 Responses

  1. Holy mackerel . Impressive speed with precision over basic blues patterns. For the rest of us, we need to bear in mind Clint Eastwood’s advice in ‘Dirty Harry’-“A man’s gotta know his limitations…” and be happy with what we can do whilst striving for marginal improvement .

  2. hey, great vid..guthrie rules.
    the whole “if you’re not under 14” idea is kind of bullshit really though, its comments like that, that discourage others.

    folks, just work hard, and you will always improve, maybe you have it in you to play as good as guthrie, think about it, les paul (rip) was about double guthries age, but not a hugely technical player, amongst others like clapton etc, how did guthrie catch up to them so quick.

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