Unpicking the Coldplay-Satriani dispute

Andrew Watson from Creative Guitar Studio analyses the two songs.

Joe Satriani – Why?

Turn up both speakers very loud and blast the neighbours with that solo!!!

Joe Satriani – Lights of Heavan

This is one of the best tracks from one of his best albums – Crystal Planet – but not included in the Electric Joe Satriani anthology, and I think not much played in public. Nor is the equally good Secret Prayer. I guess some songs are more difficult to reproduce live if they’re very multi-tracked guitarwise.

Click here for the album version. Click here for Secret Prayer

Davy Graham has died

Legendary folk and blues (and many other things) guitarist Davy Graham died on December 15. Davy Graham launched a thousand guitar careers and was the writer of the much-copied song Anji. His version of Anji was on an EP disc that he released in 1962 with Alexis Korner – 3/4 AD (because it’s in 3/4 time). Both Anji and the amazing 3/4 AD blues duet are on the newer editions of Davy’s album Folk, Blues and Beyond. Amazon customers can download them from their new download service here.

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Below Davy plays Cry Me a River. See full Guardian video tribute here

Guthrie Govan – Funky Blues

BB King, Eric Clapton, Buddy Guy and Jimmy Vaughan – Rock Me Baby

All Your Love – John Mayall and the Bluesbreakers

This of course being a stellar track from the 1966 ‘Beano’ album.