EMI get Coldplay/Satriani video banned

EMI, the record label for Coldplay, have leaned on YouTube to ban the video that compares Coldplay’s ‘Viva la Vida’ and Joe  Satriani’s  ‘If I Could Fly’.

Scroll down below to the appropriate post and you’ll see that the video is longer available because of a copyright complaint by EMI.

Satriani is sueing Coldplay for alleged plagiarism, saying that ‘Viva la Vida’ is essentially his song. There are many possible reasons for EMI to take this action. Two possible reasons are :

a) EMI really are seriously put out by ‘Viva la Vida’ being on YouTube and really don’t want to advertise their product this way.
b) EMI think that guy who posted the video comparing the two songs has got Coldplay ‘bang to rights’ ( as we say in the UK) and that his video is devastating proof of Coldplay’s plagiarism.

Guitarpower has of course no view on this matter. If you have, post a comment. 

You can be sure that Coldplay’s lawyers are working overtime on this. Two possible options for them could be:

a) Say we don’t admit to plagiarism, but sorry Joe if it sounded like your song, and here’s a big wadge of money to settle the whole thing.
b) Tough it out, run the risk of losing in court and really very bad publcity indeed, as well has having to pay the big wadge of money anyway.

Guitarpower has no view on this matter, but if you have – post a comment.

And here is Joe Satriani’s ‘If I Could Fly’ which his record company, Sony, have chosen not to ban.


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