Joe Satriani – Starry Night

This is longer than the version on the 2002 Strange , Beautiful Music album; the improv starts about 3.00 minutes in where the album version stops – very nice too.

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Guthrie Govan – Licks from Erotic Cakes

Tony McAlpine – Endless Time

Tony McAlpine looks about 15 in this one, makes you sick. The basics of his legato playing are all there though.

Vital Information – Rattletrap

This looks to be about five years old, but with Steve Smith, Tom Coster and Frank Gambale from the original VI lineup. Frank Gambale gets going about three minutes into this. Be warned though this is more straight ahead jazz than jazz-funk, with different instruments it could be be-bop.

Editorial: Idiocy by some YouTube users

People who’ve been to this site several times might very occasionally notice a video that is marked ’embedding disabled by request’ or ‘video removed by user’. Both these actions are plain stupid.

In the first case it means you can watch the video but you have to click through to YouTube to see it. What’s the point of that? The purpose of putting music videos on video sites is to promote the artists and their work – as a means of selling albums, tickcets and downloads. So if a YouTube music video gets put on another site, it’s free publicity for the artist and copyright owner. So why disable embedding, why cut off your nose to spite your face? Continue reading

Frank Gambale – Another Challenger (Acoustic Version)

Just shows what you can do with an acoustic guitar – and a bit of genius! I’ll post details of where you can buy/download this track in a day or so, can’t remember off the top of my head.

Frank Gambale – Acoustic improvisation DVD preview

Satriani sarcastically backs Coldplay as ‘Viva la Vida’ wins best song at Grammy’s


Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani. Photo: Arnold/Wired linked from Rolling Stone

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I Wonder Who – Rory Gallagher in Vienna

Messin’ with the Kid – Rory Gallagher at Montreux