Trance Dance – Frank Gambale with Chick Corea 2003

Steve Miller Band – Take the Money and Run

Pure 1970s nostalgia, fantastic!

The Invisible Way – Greg Howe with the incredible Dennis Chambers and Testsuo Sukarai

Another video whose embedding is disabled by the request of a narrow-minded fuckwit. Just click through to see it on Youtube.

Broken Hearted – John Mayer and Eric Clapton

For this, thanks once again to my friend of  25+ years Roy Cuckow in Sheffield, England. We’re getting old Roy, but the Blues stays the same! For the Mayer-Clapton outstanding version of Crossroads click on the Eric Clapton tag in the left column.

Empower the Riff – Joe Satriani on Workshop Live

This is like 15 minutes long, so if you really want Joe without the bullshit you could buffer it and skip through to Joe with thre ssound effects.

Finger style jazz improvisation – Jody Fisher

This Youtube video has had more than a million hits.

Carl Orr with Billy Cobham 1997