Larry Carlton and Robben Ford play ‘Burnable’


Blue Mist – Barney Kessel, Grant Green and Kenny Burrell

Wes Montgomery: Blues in F (1965)

Alan Holdsworth – Looking Glass

This is typical Alan Holdsworth. It’s like Marmite – either you’re going to love it or loathe it. I’m mainly in the former camp.

Frank Gambale playing with Vital Information

George Benson – Breezin’

Don’t know the date of this one, but given the clothes and the fact it’s from The Old Grey Whistle Test, it looks to me like late 1970s. Breezin’ seems remarkably similar to a more frenetic tune called Tropical Storm played by Stanley Jordan, on the late 1990s album Flying Home, now deleted because of the folding of EMI records. It’s a more pop-funky kind of album and you can buy it used from as little as 10cents US Amazon here.

West Montgomery Plays “Full House”

A classic song from Wes Montgomery, available on the live album ‘Full House’.