Stuck for an evening-long conversation topic? Try Rolling Stone’s top 100 guitar songs

There’s some really weird choices here. Why would you choose Look Over Yonders Wall from the first Paul Butterfield Blues Band LP (1965), when there are three or four better songs on that album, including “Our Love is Drifting” and “Blues with a Feeling”, which both spotlight Mike Bloomfield’s extraordinary playing. Same goes for Hideaway from the John Mayall Beano album – there are better songs there. Couldn’t see Johnny Winter in the list (Rock ‘n Roll Hoochie Koo?). I wouldn’t have made Black Magic Woman my Santana song in the list. And so on. Everyone will have their own list. Next time you’re in a pub or bar with guitar freaks, you can play this game all night. See the list here. Before you click though, try to guess who is number one.