Steve Vai and String Theory- Now We Run

“K’m-Pee-Du-Wee” – Steve Vai jams in a Polish street on a cold, dull day…

…and nobody came to watch. Don’t you just wish you had fingers that long?

Frank Zappa and Steve Vai, 1982

Thanks, once again, to Roy Cuckow who dug this one out. Frank Zappa is by no means outclassed here; some of his riffs definitely have a touch of the Jerry Garcia’s about them. Which reminds me, it’s about time we put some more Grateful Dead up.

Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Steve Vai – “All Day, All Night”

Yes, this is the Kinks classic. Paul Gilbert changes the words to sing some cheesy stuff about how wonderful Ibanez guitars are and amplifiers the name of which I can’t work out. No matter. Listen to those solos – especially Timmons and Gilbert, – Steve Vai was having an off day (musically of course, not technically).

Steve Vai – For the Love of God (1996 G3 album – live)

This is the actual track that appears on the first G3 album – prefaced with an outrageous solo sequence.

Steve Vai – “Juice”, live version

Steve Vai plays “Juice”