Editor’s Pick – Top 10 videos on this site

This isn’t meant to be the ‘top 10 guitarists’ (a nonsensical concept), just the videos on this site I like best.

1. Jimi Hendrix – All Along the Watchtower

2. Larry Carlton and Robben Ford – Blues Duet in Tokyo

It’s great to see these veterans still having so much fun with the blues.

3. Frank Gambale and Vital Information – Caught in the Act

I love this video. Frank Gambale is so enthusiastic during the keyboard solo, he looks like he’s going into orbit. When he starts playing again, he does. Beautiful precision playing with lots of soul.

4. Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy – Key to the Highway

5. Steve Vai – Tender Surrender

Steve Vai and Joe Satriani both have abnormally long fingers. No guarantee, but it helps. The stretch in his is amazing.

6. David Bowie with Earl Slick – “Stay”

7. Wes Montgomery – Full House

8. Gary Moore – Don’t Believe a Word

9. Joe Satriani – Cool New Way

10. Eric Johnson, Joe Satriani and Steve Vai -Red House

Eric Johnson sets the tone here. Brilliant.

Nearly made it into the top ten but not quite…..
11. Carlos Santana – Oye Como Va (Live Version)

This is better than the studio version…

12. Frank Gambale, with Brian Auger, Billy Cobham and Nove Cento – “Spectrum”

13. Tony MacAlpine – More than Enough

A very young TM here but amazing stuff!

One Response

  1. Notwithstanding Hendrix is my all-time hero, I think the Larry Carlton & Robben Ford video is my favourite from your top ten.

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