Frank Gambale – Major Fascination

Trance Dance – Frank Gambale with Chick Corea 2003

Frank Gambale – Another Challenger (Acoustic Version)

Just shows what you can do with an acoustic guitar – and a bit of genius! I’ll post details of where you can buy/download this track in a day or so, can’t remember off the top of my head.

Frank Gambale – Acoustic improvisation DVD preview

Frank Gambale and Vital Information – What Lies Beyond?

Another item from the 1991 Brecon Jazz Festival gig. Nice bass guitar from Jeff Andrews.

Frank Gambale and Vital Information – New Boots

Like the excellent ‘Caught in the Act’ on this site, this is another clip from the 1991 Brecon Jazz Festival. It’s much more straight-ahead jazz. Jazz guitar played with humbucker pick-ups -solid tones. NB This track is available on the CD “Easier done than said” here

Frank Gambale – Little Charmer (live – audio only)

Frank Gambale

Frank Gambale's Best of Jazz Rock FusionFrank Gambale said recently that some of his albums were “as rare as hens’ teeth” in some parts of the world. And it’s a pity that a large part of his potential audience apparently doesn’t know his work. How many of the thousands who tuned out for the recent Satriani tour know about Frank Gambale? 10-15 per cent, tops. You can get to know his work by buying one or two of his albums. Guitarpower recommends his Best of Jazz and Rock Fusion, on which Little Charmer is a star track. Buy it directly from the Gambale siteĀ  here or from Amazon here. You won’t be disappointed.