Cool New Way – Joe Satriani

Smoke on the Water – Petrucci, Vai, Satriani

DeepPurple and Joe Satriani – Black Night

Empower the Riff – Joe Satriani on Workshop Live

This is like 15 minutes long, so if you really want Joe without the bullshit you could buffer it and skip through to Joe with thre ssound effects.

Chickenfoot – Runnin Out Live

Chickenfoot – Runnin Out

For those who haven’t caught on yet, Chicckenfoot is the new band headed up by ex-Van Halens singer Sammy Hagar and whizz guitarist Joe Satriani.

Joe Satriani – Starry Night

This is longer than the version on the 2002 Strange , Beautiful Music album; the improv starts about 3.00 minutes in where the album version stops – very nice too.

see Satriani page here

Echo – Joe Satriani, Montreux Jazz festival 1988

From the days when JS had hair and Stu Hamm looked young(er)

Joe Satriani – Until we say goodbye

Another track from the guitar Master of the Universe. This is from the 2005 DVD and CD “LIve in San Francisco”. This DVD gives a lot of nice close-ups of the fretboard and hence the Satriani technique. I challenge my Satriani-detracting good friends Ivan and Roy to say they actually don’t like this. Is it really possible there are guitar enthusiasts who don’t like this? Surely not.

Joe Satriani plays “Midnight”