Tony MacAlpine page

Tony Jeff MacAlpine (born August 29, 1960, in Springfield, Massachusetts – pictured above with blue guitar and top) is an American guitarist and keyboardist. Having released ten studio albums over a career spanning more than two decades, he is best known as a solo guitarist; although he has worked with many different bands and musicians, such as Planet X, Steve Vai, Vinnie Moore, Mark Boals and Vitalij Kuprij. In recent years he has been best known for his work with the Steve Vai band, with his own rock-jazz fusion group CAB (including artists like basist Bunny Brunel and veteran British keyboard player Brian Auger) and solo work.

Prior to picking up the guitar, MacAlpine was a classically trained pianist and violinist; as such, he is credited with playing all the keyboards on his own albums as well as for other artists. One of his principal musical influences is that of Chopin, (and perhaps in general the Romantic era of classical music), and tribute is given by his own interpretations of Chopin’s études featuring on the majority of his solo albums. There is at least one display of these piano/keyboard instrumentals on each of his solo albums up to and including Chromaticity (2001). (adapted from Wikipedia)

Visit the Tony MacAlpine official site here
See his discography here
Guitarpower recommendations: Violent Machine
Also recommended: CAB 2

Below: the young Tony MacAlpine demonstrates his skills in Legato Tune

Here MacAlpine jams with CAB and Steve Vai at the Carvin anniversary gig

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