Eric Clapton and Buddy Guy – Key to the Highway

This special 1988 session in front of an invited audience at Ronnie Scott’s London jazz club saw Clapton at his bluesy best. Buddy Guy however seems to have taken something that didn’t fully agree with him, and eventually broke a string and walked off.

Steve Vai plays “Tender Surrender”

Steve Vai never undervalues his own abilities, but then he’s got a lot not to undervalue: this song is pure genius. Track available on Alien Love Secrets .

Eric Johnson plays S.R.V.

The SRV in question being Stevie Ray Vaughan. On the Venus Isle album Eric plays this with SRV’s brother Jimmy Vaughan.

Eric Johnson plays “Trademark”

Slash – Slow Blues in Argentina

Crossroads Guitar Duel – Steve Vai and Ry Cooder

Contary to what is written on many blogs, the kid’s guitar part is played by Steve Vai and Ry Cooder. And of course the part of the insanely egotistical and posturing metal guitarist is played by Steve Vai – nothing new there then.

Work Song – Paul Butterfield Blues Band

..with amazing opening guitar solo from Mike Bloomfield