The Invisible Way – Greg Howe with the incredible Dennis Chambers and Testsuo Sukarai

Another video whose embedding is disabled by the request of a narrow-minded fuckwit. Just click through to see it on Youtube.

Finger style jazz improvisation – Jody Fisher

This Youtube video has had more than a million hits.

Phil Capone – Fever solo

More from the Nag’s Head Sunday sessions – see Phil Capone blues solo post for details

Frank Gambale and Vital Information – What Lies Beyond?

Another item from the 1991 Brecon Jazz Festival gig. Nice bass guitar from Jeff Andrews.

Wes Montgomery Live in Belgium 1965

This is a classic jazz  standard, but I’ve forgotten what it’s called. Anyone know? Ivan?

“Sunny” – Pat Martino with special guest John Scofield (Italy, December 2002)

Joe Satriani – “Why?”

This is from The Extremist album (1993) and it’s magic. This is one in the eye for the jazz and blues snobs who say Satriani is all technique and no soul. I don’t know who did the video that goes with it – someone who styles themselves Amv full metal alchemist and could possibly live in Japan. Enjoy.