Paul Gilbert – Technical Difficulties

When Steve, Ivan and myself saw Paul Gilbert at the Joe S. London gig on May 19, the bass drum in his band was so over-amplified that those of us sitting at the front thought we might have heart attacks. No wonder Gilbert wears those huge ear plugs when he’s playing. Now then, why won’t you ever play as well as Paul? One reason is you probably don’t have such long fingers. In this video the ‘little’ finger on his right hand seems to have been borrowed from the alien in Independence Day. Amazing technical abilities on display here.

Paul Gilbert, Andy Timmons, Steve Vai – “All Day, All Night”

Yes, this is the Kinks classic. Paul Gilbert changes the words to sing some cheesy stuff about how wonderful Ibanez guitars are and amplifiers the name of which I can’t work out. No matter. Listen to those solos – especially Timmons and Gilbert, – Steve Vai was having an off day (musically of course, not technically).