Cool New Way – Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani, Grace Potter, Willie Waldman: Cortez the Killer

Empower the Riff – Joe Satriani on Workshop Live

This is like 15 minutes long, so if you really want Joe without the bullshit you could buffer it and skip through to Joe with thre ssound effects.

Joe Satriani – Starry Night

This is longer than the version on the 2002 Strange , Beautiful Music album; the improv starts about 3.00 minutes in where the album version stops – very nice too.

see Satriani page here

Satriani sarcastically backs Coldplay as ‘Viva la Vida’ wins best song at Grammy’s


Joe Satriani

Joe Satriani. Photo: Arnold/Wired linked from Rolling Stone

See Rolling Stone story here

Unpicking the Coldplay-Satriani dispute

Andrew Watson from Creative Guitar Studio analyses the two songs.

Joe Satriani – Why?

Turn up both speakers very loud and blast the neighbours with that solo!!!